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Made in Slovenia, EU.
In Tržič, to be exact.
Since 1987.
Worldwide delivery
Tracking, reliable, reasonable cost

About us

About us

Your search for our contact or legal information here is in vain. What you'll find here is unconventional insight into the genesis and evolution of our Leny company.


Why name Leny?

Nobody knows the exact reason or cause. The ones that have been present when the name was formed claim that it just flew into the mind. Looking back now we figure that in that era names containing a foreign letters were simply popular. By foreign letter we mean letter Y since it's not part of Slovenian alphabet. So this is how one of four letters of the name could be explained. As for the other three we can only say they are not initials of anybody/anything nor abbreviation... it's simply Leny, that's all there is.



Is the year that the company was founded. But the beginnings are set further back, when the educated seamstress and (almost) educated economist were expecting a baby. This situation raises a rhetorical question What does a pregnant seamstress do in her free time?. Of course she does exactly the same as she's doing now (she'll become a grandmother in a short time) - sewing clothes for the child. This is probably also the reason that pure enthusiasm for tailoring soon became a passion for which the modest attic wasn't big enough any more in order for it to flourish undisturbingly. 


Throughout the entire Slovenia

After a small attic began limiting the creativity the happenings were moved to a bigger place which could barely be called a workshop. In the mean time kids grew and started to play around. They managed to acquire a new hole in the pants almost every day. That gave a rise to educated seamstress and (still almost) educated economist to find a solution which will combine durability and comfort of pants. And that's how the distinctive Leny kids jeans with elastic waist were born. As it turned out, they weren't the only parents who appreciated the durability and comfort of jeans with elastic waist. Slowly but surely the jeans were made available in shops across the Slovenia. Just before the small and convenient shops were overruled by shopping malls, Leny jeans were available not only in every major city but also in smaller cities.


The experiences + fresh energy

Experiences come with time. But let's face it, the time doesn't only bring but also carries away. That's why the offspring was introduced to the company which has helped with keeping the edge since the past few years. This way the offspring supplies fresh ideas and energy which are carefully tailored and guided by the elders. We believe this is the best combination and the foundation of our company which ensures the stability in a relaxed atmosphere.



Slovenski regionalno razvojni sklad