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Made in Slovenia, EU.
In Tržič, to be exact.
Since 1987.
Worldwide delivery
Tracking, reliable, reasonable cost

Bean Bag

Large size Bean Bag. Kids can lie in it and adults can comfortably seat in it.
Price: 63,10 €


soft lightweight denim, or corduroy

other details:

has a cover which can be removed and washed, large zip, clever form of bag allows to sit in it in many ways

material composition:

cotton 100%

This Bean Bag is quite large so kids can easily lie in it and adults can comfortably sit in many ways. It's clever form of a drop allows you to position the Bean Bag differently for different sitting: char like or a lounger or anything in between.


The Bean Beag is filled with small styrofoam balls which adjust to the body when you sit in it. The filling is secured in a quality bag. The cover is separated and can be easily removed and washed normally like any of our jeans.


The cover can be made of various colours of corduroy or denim. Please contact us if you wish to choose material and colour of Bean Bag.

Slovenski regionalno razvojni sklad