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Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Every Leny product is equipped with care instructions. On jeans and pants the basic care instructions are stated on the label which is sewn in on the inside of the waist. Additional and more detailed care instructions are explained on the tag. The rest of our products also have a label but can be sewn in elsewhere or else the care instructions are stated on the tag.


There are no single care instructions that apply to all the products thus every product must be taken care of by following the accompanied instructions.


Below you will find some general instructions which can help keeping the products in its best state.



  • turn the jeans inside out when using washing machine
  • do not overfill the washing machine
  • use liquid washing agent (powdered might not fully dissolve and can damage fabrics)
  • wash the product with the ones of similar colour
  • do not iron over the printed area or decorations


Care symbols explanation

The most common care instructions symbols are similar to this:

PranjeBeljenjeSušenjeLikanjeProfesionalna negaHec! =)

And what is their meaning?

A bucket with water indicates instructions to follow when using washing machine. The number inside limits the highest allowed temperature of washing cycle. The optional lines under the bucket tell how aggressive the washing cycle can be - the more lines the less aggressive cycle is allowed.
Triangle marks the bleaching instructions. Bleaching without any limitations is allowed only when the triangle doesn't have any additional symbols. Crossed triangle prohibits the bleaching. Optional symbols tell which types of bleaches are allowed.
Circle inside a square marks dryer instructions. The number of dots inside the circle limits the highest allowed temperature: one dot means 50°C, every additional dot adds 20°C. If the symbol is crossed the use of a dryer is not allowed.
Iron symbol with optional dots marks ironing instructions. The number of dots limits the highest allowed temperature: one dot means 110°C, two dots 150°C and three dots 200°C. Crossed iron prohibits the ironing of the product.
Profesionalna nega
Chemical cleaning
Circle with additiional symbols marks the chemical cleaning instructions. When you take the product to the cleaning service, this symbol must be taken into account. Crossed circle prohibits the chemical treatment.
Slovenski regionalno razvojni sklad