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Made in Slovenia, EU.
In Tržič, to be exact.
Since 1987.
Worldwide delivery
Tracking, reliable, reasonable cost

Workwear & Accessories

Workwear & Accessories

Equip your company or club with special workwear

We can help you with fulfilling your corporate identity by producing a custom tailored outfit for you and your staff. We can provide you with pants, skirts, shirts, sweaters, vests and other product made of various fabrics. All of which are tailored to your association's needs and ready to reassure your image.


Our advantages

  • CAD/CAM technology

     allows us to produce the highend products.
  • 25 years of experience

     contribute to a high quality of products and a rapid problem solving even with a highly complex products.
  • Large set of fabrics and material

     offers you many options to choose from and results in products which are exactly what you are looking for.
  • Flexibility

     is the key since your association probably has specific requirements. We have made so many different products nothing can hinder us.


Pants / lower body garments

In addition to jeans, pants and trousers we can also produce skirts, tracksuits, shorts, suits, overalls, etc. A list of basic features which are available for modification:

  • The cut

     can be adopted from any of our existent models or can be developed from scratch according to your specifications.
  • The material

     is presented to you with the associated data sheets. We offer advise on choosing the best material according to the type and purpose of the product.
  • Additional elements

     such as pockets, zips, various decors, etc.


Shirts / upper body garments

We offer a large collection of shirts and T-shirts (promotional, workwear, sweatshirts, etc) as well as sweaters, hoodies, wind/rain jackets and many more. To accommodate your requirements you can specify: 

  • Colour

     can be choosen from a colour chart.
  • Material

     is various, depending on the purpose of the product.
  • Logo and slogan

     or any other text and decor can be added to the product.


Other pieces of workwear and accessories

Since we have our own production creating a fully featured specialized items is not a problem. Our experiences allow us to make various items like reflective vests, aprons, pads...


The price

The price is determined by many factors and can not be quoted before you present us with your requirements. We will gladly send you a quote of which accuracy can be increased by providing us with product specifications, material specifications, additional elements, colour, sizes set and quantity.


Please send your inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can call us to 00386 4 59 55 200.