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Made in Slovenia, EU.
In Tržič, to be exact.
Since 1987.
Worldwide delivery
Tracking, reliable, reasonable cost

Free Shortening

Free Shortening

The length of all jeans and pants is extended thus we offer free shortening

A while ago we have decided to extend the length of all of our jeans and pants. The extra length is appreciated by tall individuals like in this case who many times encounter a problem when trying to find jeans long enough. As far as kids are concerned, the extra length is rarely a problem since they grow very fast. And after all..

Jeans are easier to shorten than to extend :)


How to measure the length of the pants?


When measuring the desired length of pants we refer to the total length because it's easy to measure it. Simply measure the lateral distance between the top part of waist and the pant leg.



Basketball player, jeans and priceless smile

Someday a basketball player came to our jeans shop to buy himself a pair of jeans. We guess he was well over 2 metres tall - we don't know the exact height, all we know is that we had to turn our head significantly upwards to see his face ;) He told us he is fed up with searching for jeans since every pair is naturally to short for him. We made him a custom length jeans and further extended the desired length for additional 10cm, just to be on the safe side. The look and smile on his face when he worn the jeans that were to long for first time in his life, was priceless.



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