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Made in Slovenia, EU.
In Tržič, to be exact.
Since 1987.
Worldwide delivery
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Rado (denim)

Rado (denim)

Made for skinny figures with small waist and long legs.


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Price: 19,90 €
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soft denim



legs cut:


other details:

elastic waist, 6 pockets (2 side pockets), zip flap (no zip)

suitable for figure types:

any due to elastic waist

material composition:

cotton 100%

Rado jeans are pants with elastic waist and side pockets. The cut is specially adjusted to fit skinny figures: the waist size is smaller and legs cut is narrowed. Are you familiar with finding the jeans which fit in waist but are too short? Don't worry anymore, this jeans are longer than the usual. After all, we cans till shorten it for you.


We take special care and never use chemicals when proccessing the raw denim. Therefore this jeans are perfect for those who have problems with allergies since the material doesn't irritate the skin.


This kind of pants with elastic waist are also suitable for adults. Kids size 18 equals to men size 50/52. In case your size is larger, don't worry and have a look at Urban and Frenk pants which also have an elastic waist.

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