Our story

It started somewhere in Gorenjska, when Mojca and Matjaž sewed pants for their children. And they sewed another one. Many of them. It was 1987 when the first pair of Leny pants saw the light of day and became a must-have of the time. In more than 35 years, they have experienced turbulent social and economic periods. And survived.


A new era, new values and a new owner. Uroš is one of those who believes in Slovenian tradition, knowledge and successful stories. He understands a world that revolves around sustainability, so he brings indestructible Leny pants to life. For them, he selects only the highest quality materials from European suppliers, from fabric to zippers and thread. The pants are made by the original craftswoman who mastered the skills of tailoring and sewing and passes on her knowledge. Leny pants have always been synonymous with quality and versatility, as confirmed by new, modern models that can be worn on any occasion – in the office or on the playground.

Pants for all occasions

The pace of life dictates that we perform several activities and meetings every day, both business and private. This means that the range of our clothing varies between convenient and comfortable all the time. But if we are multifunctional, why shouldn’t our clothes be multifunctional? For example, imagine an architect in a jacket and Leny pants on a business meeting with a client. Appropriate. But can this same architect climb a ladder on a construction site two hours later in his Leny pants? No problem.

A win-win combination of premium materials and craftsmanship

Overconsumption and the principle of more for less have been on the rise for a long time. People preferred to buy cheaper products because they could afford more pieces of clothing. The problem arose when they began to accumulate in the closet, when the pants began to fluff after the first wash or when rashes on the skin began to appear, due to poor-quality materials and the use of chemicals.

Classic fit for non-classical body types

Inclusivity is a popular concept these days, and it refers to supporting those who are different, regardless of race, age or size of clothing. Leny has always followed it. Leny does not discriminate and gives everyone the opportunity to wear its pants. Thus, women’s pants are available up to size 62, and men’s up to 70. Leny followers are also impressed by the fact that when buying in a physical store, our seamstress shortens and adapts the pants to your body type.

Interesting facts about Leny pants:

  • Leny pants are fully tailored and sewn in Slovenia, EU.
  • Leny’s story began with (at the time) innovative jeans with an elastic waistband for children.
  • Leny pants are washed before they hit store shelves, so they do not shrink and do not leave stains on the skin.